Software for Integrated Care

EHR with integrated care software

Medical care organizations are not presently equipped to chart behavioral health care with existing EMR and EHR options. NextStep™ offers an EMR that is radically different – working with patient outcomes as the driving force behind the technology. The built-in template for integrated care is unique in both behavioral and medical health. 

  1.  Mental health and physical health problems are interwoven
  2. The treatment gap between treating mental health and physical health is wide
  3. Primary care settings for mental health services increases access
  4. Treating mental health issues in primary care settings is more cost effective
  5. The majority of people with mental health issues treated in integrated settings may have better outcomes
  6. If your clinic is preparing to move to integrated care, you will need software to manage behavioral health and medical health

Learn more about what integrated care can do for your behavioral health or medical health practice and for your patients by downloading the Integrated Health Care guide:

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