Digital Pen Software Alternatives for Health Care EHR Systems

The answer to the high cost of an EHR is digital pen technology

Digital Pen For WebIt makes filling out forms fast and easy without having to keep paper forms.

  • The pen uses automated digital document access and management equals less paper and less storage
  • The Digital Pen enables clinicians and doctors to visit patients bedside or outside a clinical setting, with just a tablet
  • When a clinician plugs the pen back in, the information from the form they used downloads directly into the software
  • Manage the  process of patient care

See how it works in person. Contact our team to schedule a demo and explore how digital pen technology can help your long term care facility utilize many of the tasks of an EHR for far less investment in time and technology.


Be sure to check out our case study on the benefits of using the Digital Pen for your Behavioral Health EMR!