Behavioral Health Billing Software

Key considerations for behavioral health EHR billing systems:

The ability to bill correctly and on time is critical to the life of an organization

  1. Does the EHR allow for the correct billing codes to be integrated into the software?
  2. Does the billing information move to a place in the software it can be checked prior to being downloaded into the billing system?
  3. If the clinic is using an outside biller will the software allow the billing information to be transferred to the billing company?
  4. Will the software allow for scheduled-based billing as well as task-based billing?NextStep Solutions Integrated Billing and Behavioral Health EHR
  5. Can the behavioral health software be linked to other billing systems?
  6. Does the billing software generate useful reports for agencies?

NextStep Practice Pro Plus automates critical processes that have a real impact on the day-to-day procedures of an agency. Its integrated  scheduling and billing systems eliminate entering duplicate data and streamline the billing process.

NextStep Solutions Mental Health Practice Management

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